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Whether you're heading out with your boat, your jet skis, or your RV, making sure your vehicle is ready is key! Check out our pre-towing tips for your next trip:

Inspect your tires.

If you're hauling an RV or a trailer, especially if it's been sitting for a bit before hauling, you want to visually check the tires over for any signs of damage or wear. Check the tire pressures against the recommended pressures in your owner's manual.

Check your lights.

Make sure your running lights, brake lights, and turn signals are working properly before heading out on the road. This is easiest with a second person, but can keep you safe when you're in traffic. .

Test your trailer brakes.

If you are hauling a trailer, give your trailer brakes a test before you leave your driveway. Making sure you can stop safely with a load behind you is important - and better to find out before you really need them!

Pack your supplies.

Make sure you have your wheel chocks packed, to make sure you don't have a roll away trailer or RV when unhooking from your vehicle.

Consider a tune-up.

If this is your first time towing with this vehicle, or you're towing something new, it may be beneficial to have your vehicle checked over for safety.

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