You may have been recommended an alignment as part of your service, or have had one done on your vehicle before, but you may not know how important they can be.  Phil, one of our expert technicians, explains below the what, why, and whens that you should know about alignment - in a minute or less!
What is an Alignment?
A vehicle alignment, sometimes also called a four-wheel alignment, ensures that all four of your wheels and tires are lining up properly at the correct angles.  

How is an Alignment Completed?
We use a special machine that takes computerized measurements of your specific vehicle.  These measurements allow us to check and adjust all four wheels to your vehicle's factory specifications for the best possible tire wear and proper vehicle handling.

How Often Should I Get an Alignment?
Alignments are recommended annually, or any time you get a new set of tires.  Maine potholes are also another reason to consider an alignment - if you hit a hole that causes your vehicle to pull in one direction, you may want to have your vehicle checked to ensure that your alignment is still correct.  Even if you don't feel an issue driving the car doesn't necessary ensure your alignment angles are correct and getting you the most mileage from your fuel and your tires.

Why is an Alignment Important? 
Making sure all your vehicle is in proper alignment is key to helping it run properly and preventing wear.  This can include:
  • Wheels that are out of alignment can mean tires wear more quickly - meaning that you need to buy new tires more often  
  • Wheels that are out of alignment can mean your vehicle has to work harder - meaning that you get worse fuel mileage than you could be getting 
  • Wheels that are out of alignment can mean you experience difficulty steering - meaning that your vehicle could be pulling to the left or right instead of driving straight
How Do I Get an Alignment? 
Easy!  Simply contact us and we'll get an appointment set for you at any one of our convenient service locations in Bangor, Augusta, or Ellsworth.  We can check your alignment, and then make any adjustments necessary to help get you back on the road!  Request your appointment online now, or call our Appointment Center at 1-877-445-9876 to book your appointment today.