The hot summer days are here, and with it, that means staying cool with ice cream, cold drinks, and your car's air conditioning. If the thermometer rising has you disappointed in how well your AC is working, we can help! There can be several reasons you're not feeling frosty:

Do you have any air flow blowing?

If the answer is no, you may not actually have an air conditioning problem at all, but some diagnostic may be involved. If there is some air flow, it may be a clogged or restricted cabin filter.

What is the temperature of the air?

If it's cool, but not cold, your air conditioning system may be over or undercharged. If it cycles back and forth between cold and warm air or even if it's just blowing hot, the same could be true! In more severe cases, there could be a refrigerant leak, or a component failure, such as the AC condenser or AC compressor. .

Any warning lights on the dash?

Due to the interconnected nature of today's vehicles, there could be other problems not related to the air conditioning system that could be causing a malfunction WITH the AC system.

Are there any odors coming from the vents when you turn it on?

If the answer here is yes, you may have an issue with a clogged or restricted cabin filter, which can affect overall air conditioning performance. Cabin filters and blower motors are frequently chosen as nesting spots for mice and other small critters.

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